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Ring Leader BCB

D.O.B.: 06/26/2010
TLBAA#: BT82889
70 1/16" Tip-to-Tip
on 10/06/2012
77 1/4" Total Horn
on 10/06/2012

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We have partnered this young bull with Justin and Julie Hansen of Diamondback Ranch. We know he will enjoy his stay out in sunny California!

        Don Juan Of Christine
{ Coach {
Miss Redmac 256
Working Man Chex    
CK Super Dixie
  Working Woman {
L Easy Woman
I'm a Hot Shot Too
{ Rutledge's Dinger {
YO Bold Queen 1931
Ringa Dinger    
GF Heavy Hitter
  GF Haley Hitter {
Classey Trish FM657

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